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Here are some “problems” I ran into using the Wanhao Duplicator 2 and a possible solution.


Clicking sound and open parts in the print:

  1. The guide tube is to long, make it shorter and lube it (I used WD40)
  2. Check your filament roll, sometimes its just to tight on there’.
  3. re-calibrate your nozzle/build plate, if your nozzle is to close the filament could burn and clog the nozzle.

I printed this guide because the original is just to close to the body of the machine.

Wanhao Duplicator 2 filament guide


Not sticking

There are a lot of solutions on the interwebs but this worked for me.
Spray your build plate in with hairspray, the cheaper the better 😉
I just spray a lot of it on the plate and let it dry, heat the bed to 60°C and print, after printing wait a minute and your print should come of real easy.



After adding extra cooling to the printer I had no problem with warping.

Wanhao Duplicator 2 Cooling fan

The fan is blowing onto the printed object.
I used a spare fan from the duplicator, this runs on 24V so it runs from the Duplicator power supply.


Sometimes my print seemed to have shifted somehow, the top part of the print was a few millimeters of. 
Turns out one of the pulleys was loose so check your screws and blots every no and then.

After tightening the pulley it happened again, one of the screws was broken.

Wanhao Duplicator 2 pulley

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