First results with the mining rig

So after a few days since setting up my mining rig, testing and tweaking I think I got it stable.

The sweetspot for my card seems to be a little core overclock and a lot of memory overclock and half power.
MSi afterbuner GTX 1060 3GB windforce

My mainboard is using 20 Watt and the cards between 65 and 75 Watt.
This will cost me less then €1 per day.
Pimatic TPlink HS110 power

This will generate a nice bit of pocket money.
Mining GTX 1060

I made a litte powershell script to gather some data and send it by MQTT to my pimatic setup.

pimaitc mining gtx 1060

Ander after a few days the expected earnings are positive.

GTX 1060 3GB widforce eth profit


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