Itho mechanical ventilation with ESP8266

My house has a central ventilation system, I replaced it with a Itho CVE ECO fan for some power savings.
Today I finally received my new CC1101 transceiver (I blew up my first one).

CC1101 pin out

The Itho has an optional wireless remote which works with on 868MHz, I came across this site: Rogiers Home-Automation blog 
He had a lot of information but somehow I couldn’t get it to work, I then found a topic on Tweakers where some one posted a library for the ESP8266.
That library worked out of the box, I could receive signals from my remote, register and send commands.

With a humidity sensor I want to control the fan, when someone is taking a shower (and forgets to turn on the fan) the ESP8266 (nodemcu) will turn on the fan.
And I want control it from pimatic.

So I made a simple sketch to manually send code by serial.
Itho esp8266 remote

After that I ripped the code from my Roomba project to have a web interface and OTA updates.
Itho esp8266 remote

The remote costs €50, with this project it will cost you $6 so be grateful 😉 

  • CC1101 – $3
  • Nodemcu – $3.25

Be aware that you buy the 868 version, there is also a 433 version. It will work but the range is terrible.

The code is available on my Github.

The OTA version is the most complete, this will also receive the remote and writes last state to the EEPROM.



A lot of people requested MQTT so here it is:

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