Just VFR800 things

As you can see the VFR800 gremlin is still there… ๐Ÿ™

VFR800 fi regulator rectifier


Well there’s your problem… To much resistance in the fuse holders causing them to melt.

VFR800 regulator rectifier melted


So I completely stripped it and removed all (non original) cables.

To sum it up:

  • Removed all stator/regulator connectors and soldered the wires together
  • Regulator straight to the battery instead of going to the harness
  • Added a fuse holder between regulator and battery
  • Replaced the wire from battery to the main fuse
  • Replaced the main fuse holder
  • Re-checked the ground connector 
  • Added an extra ground wire from battery to the frame.
  • Cleaned all ground points
  • Replaced all fuses
  • Sprayed every contact and fuse with petroleum jelly
  • Moved my voltage meter in sight.

VFR800 regulator rectifier

Custom Voltage meterAfter doing all that I noticed someone actually makes a replacement harness to fix the factory flaws that are causing all these problems.


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