VFR800 ghost FI light FIX

VFR800 ghost FI light FIX

So after my LED fiasco I ordered a new connector to fix my instrument panel.
I contacted RVZ motors to see if they had a wiring harness of a VFR800.
They replied quickly and had some old wiring harnesses of a VFR 750, the blue and green connectors are the same as my 800.
The only difference is the 750 version has more pins in use, I only needed the pins so more spares ๐Ÿ™‚

VFR 750 800 blue connector instrument panel

So cut, solder and insulate and it was ready to go again….

VFR800 blue connector instrument panel

It started up without problem and everything worked fine again… even the FI light blinked with the indicators.


I traced all the ground leads on the back of the instrument cluster, cleaned all the connecting parts so that shouldn’t cause any problems.
After some digging on the interwebs I found fellow victims, turns out mister Honda thought it was a good idea to have all the ground wires got to a single place and connect them together. ๐Ÿ™

VFR800 ground earth block burnedVFR800 ghost FI light FIX

See here and here.

I already cut of the connectors of my regulator/rectifier because they where shit, this one is next.
Mine wasn’t so bad as the ones above, only one wire was black so I cleaned all of them and squeezed the pins tighter.
It has to do for now, in a month or two the whole bike will be stripped anyway.

I went on a test ride today and no more ghost FI light ?


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