VFR800 ghost FI light

During a nice evening ride I noticed (another) problem with my VFR, the infamous VFR800 ghost FI light *Sigh*.

Look here for the fix: https://maredana.nl/vfr800-ghost-fi-light-fix


Well I wanted to replace my headlights with LED’s anyway so let’s clean the connectors and see if that fixes the FI lights problem.
After cleaning the backside of the instrument panel I took on the connectors, as soon as I touched one of the pins it fell of ヽ(ಠ_ಠ)ノ

VFR800 ghost FI light.

Look here for the fix: https://maredana.nl/vfr800-ghost-fi-light-fix

After I found my screwdriver in my wife’s plants (rage quit) I installed the LED lights.
VFR800 cree LED headlights         H4 cree led light


My bike is imported from the USA and apparently the H4 socket isn’t a H4/P43T-38 socket but a p15D-25-3 (>.<)
Nothing a grinder can’t fix 🙂

H4/P43T-38 p15D-25-3

A quick test:

Honda vfr800 cree led headlight



I returned the LED lights, the rings can only fit in 3 ways and none was the correct way.
The little mirror on the LED should be on the bottom so the light hits an certain spot on top of the mirror, if it doesn’t do that the light goes all over the place.

Another flaw with these LED’s the ring falls of because of the vibrations >.<

VFR800 LED headlight
Left LED – Right normal lights

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